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Relationship Charts from C4CRM is a Microsoft Dynamics CRM add-on that brings CRM data to the Chart, where you can see, modify and build Relationships and Connections and save them back in CRM.

Relationship Charts с Microsoft CRM

People, who work with large customers and partners, manage complex and changing relationships. Being able to visualize these relationships, even with up-to date information in the CRM, is the main challenge for most users – and Relationship Charts resolves that challenge. With intuitive Charts and simple mouse movements, Relationship Charts helps CRM users see and manage their customer and partner relationships, to better qualify opportunities, increase sales and improve forecast accuracy. Users simply drag and drop Actors (for example, Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities or any other CRM entity) on a Chart to display and manage their relationships. The information is automatically saved within the CRM system as connections or relationships for other people to see and use.

Relationship Charts с Microsoft CRM

Benefits for Microsoft Dynamics CRM users:

  • As a sales analysis tool

    When you sell to big organizations where approval is required from multiple players on the buy-side before the deal can be closed you need to identify all the key players; understand each one’s degree of influence and motives, evaluate your competitive position and strengths, and uncover essential unknown information.

    The visual approach provided by Relationship Charts allows you to easily grasp the entire picture of an opportunity with all its participants and the relationships between them.

  • As a guidance tool

    When your company has best practices that should be followed by your people, you can use Relationship Charts as a visual guidance tool. Leverage the “ghosts’ concept” when you bring actors to the Charts that will play specific roles in the Opportunity like an Economical Buyer, without knowing the exact person at the time and identifying that person later while working on a Chart. Hints on the Chart will help you to address the motives of each individual, to shore-up weaknesses, and to uncover uncertainties.

  • As a presentation/collaboration tool

    Use Relationship Charts as a visual tool to present your CRM data. Export as a picture if you like to send the Charts by email.

  • As a quick way to work with connection and relationships data

    While Standard CRM user interface out of the box allows you to manage Connections and Relationships via different forms. The same operations can be done much faster using Relationship Charts interface by dragging and dropping the actors on the Charts.

  • As an alternative fast navigation

    Each Entity’s form can be opened from Relationship Charts with double click. Cross links between Charts allow you to navigate from one Chart to another without a need to open standard forms.

Benefits for Microsoft Dynamics CRM integrators:

  • You will be able to sell more Microsoft Dynamics CRM licenses.

    Seamlessly integrated with Dynamics CRM 2011, Relationship Charts visualization capability is a substantial difference-maker from other CRM solutions.

  • You will be able to sell more of your vertical solutions

    Taking advantage of everything you’ve done on top of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Relationship Charts will help you explain and show customers what you have added to the vanilla CRM, de_ne segmentation and conduct targeted campaigns.

Key features:

  • Draw charts in CRM
  • Create any charts for any entities (org charts, contact relationships map, project participants’ chart, opportunity influence chart and many others)
  • Drag and drop to build connections and relationships
  • Set actor properties by mouse clicks
  • Create activities directly from a chart
  • Support any type of relationships including built-in Microsoft Dynamics CRM one to many and many to many relationships as well as relationships stored in a Microsoft Dynamics CRM custom entity
  • Edit charts with undo, redo, or reset
  • Add entities to CRM directly from the chart
  • Export as a picture
  • Twitter integration
  • Multi- tenancy, multi-currency and multi-language
  • Populate the charts automatically by generation templates
  • Automatically build Organization Charts as well as Charts with Sub-accounts
  • Explore any entity by bringing its relationships automatically to the chart via context menu

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