All products in our marketplace are branded under YOUR NAME. As soon as a potential customer installs the trial of your product, you receive a notification e-mail with customer details and you can easily get in touch with this lead.

What is there for me?

  • Save costs on Marketing but increase exposure of your products to CRM community

    Your products will be advertised and promoted together with CRM MarketPlace. We offer you a fast track for presenting your Microsoft based solutions to traditional reselling partners – which is looking for specialized solutions supporting a variety of business needs.

  • Reduce your infrastructure Costs

    Everybody wants the customers to find your products and to buy them immediately. In order it would happen there should be a web store and a straightforward installation process. You can build both on your own or you can use ur Marketplace – the latter one is easier.

  • Provide your customers with high quality product assurance

    All products in CRM Marketplace will be tested carefully and that message will be delivered to your customers.

The main thing we do is we make the products selection process EASY – to find a product, get it installed and running takes seconds!

Just fill in the form if you would like your product to be sold.


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